How to Buy Products with Bitcoins

There are several ways to buy Bitcoin. Therefore, Bitcoin can be used to pay for your order. In addition, you will receive an additional discount when Checking out in Bitcoin!
There are three common ways to buy Bitcoin:
  1. Buy Bitcoins With Debit/Credit Card
  2. Buy Bitcoins With ACH / Bank Wire
  3. Buy Bitcoins With Cash

COINBASE allows Bitcoin to purchase a simple and transparent process for each country. You can link your bank account in the US and finance your purchases of bitcoins via ACH. Credit cards are accepted even after verification of your identity. They act as a bitcoin exchange platform that also serves as a personal wallet if you do not have one yet.

Coinbase is a fantastic mobile application that allows you to make transactions at any time, pay your friends or simply split the bill. If you are looking for a versatile Bitcoin solution with a fantastic mobile application, Coinbase is the best choice.

We strongly recommend that you transfer your Bitcoin from Coinbase to a personal wallet such as or Electrum before sending the payment. This will silence your transaction and increase your anonymity.

CEX.IO is one of the safest Bitcoin exchanges we know, with a 0% percentage of user funds. Accounts can be backed up using two-factor authentication (2FA). This ensures that your Bitcoin balance is safe. also complies with the PCI-3 security standard (PCI DSS) Level 3 with advanced user data coding.

To verify the purchase of bitcoins, you must provide some personal information whose error-free security ensures reliable protection of that information. Bitcoin purchases made via are shipped quickly, making it one of the best on the market.

LOCALBITCOINS connects you to the bitcoin providers in your area. This option could be the cheapest option if you want to pay cash for your bitcoins. There are active sellers in more than 200 countries, which makes money more important for the Bitcoin network. Prices vary because sellers can set their own prices that do not reflect current prices. If you use localbitcoin, we suggest that you compare the proposed rates with well-known Bitcoin tags.

This is probably the most anonymous option that suits most people the least. You usually pay a premium, which can be important if you choose this method to buy your bitcoins.

How to buy Bitcoins with your Credit Card

You can now purchase Bitcoins via your credit card. Before you get started, you’ll need to prepare an identity document, such as your driver’s license or passport. This is used only for the purposes of fraud screening by the bitcoin processor.

  1. To get started, simply select “BITCOIN” on the checkout page as follows:
  2. Next, click on “Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card” or hereIt should open up a new tab. (please disable any pop-up blockers, or manually right-click and select open in a new tab)
  3. Fill in the BTC Amount and BTC Address from the previous page. You’ll see the total amount charged to your card under “Price”.
  4. The bitcoin processor may require you to submit your identity document for fraud verification. Once this is complete, they’ll release the bitcoins and your order will be paid.
  5. You just saved some money and supported the growth of digital cryptocurrency.